An Afternoon Well Spent

As soon as we walk into the apartment, I close the door behind us and pull you close to be from behind, my arms around your stomach as I hug you. I kiss your neck, my lips against your soft skin, as you turn your head slightly and let me kiss your neck. I run my hands over your body, one arm moving up to your chest, the other down your body to run over your legs. You slowly turn around as I continue to kiss your neck, then up higher, over your cheeks and finally our lips meet and we kiss deeply, passionately, our tongues entwined. I run my hand through your hair, gently pulling free the hair tie as your hair runs free down against your neck. My hands on your butt, pulling you close as we kiss. You can feel me starting to get hard, pressed against you and it fuels our kissing, getting more passionate. I start to lead you back, walking slowly through the living room as we continue kissing. On the way, I pull your shirt over your head and let it fall to the floor in front of the TV. My hands caress your breasts within your cute, lacy bra. As we get to the bedroom door, I’m fumbling with the button on your skirt, before releasing it and letting the skit fall to the ground. You break from the kiss to step out of the skirt and then we’re kissing again, and I’m pushing you down onto the bed. I pull my shirt up and throw it to the floor as your hands move up my chest. The feeling of your hands on my skin is electric. I reach behind you and undo your bra after a couple of attempts. I pull it off and drop it to the floor. Your breasts are so beautiful, perfect in size, your nipples erect against your soft cream skin. I lay down beside you so we can start kissing again as I run my hands over your skin, my fingers moving down your neck, over your shoulders and then down to your breasts. I cup your right breast and play with it, running my fingers over it before playing with your nipples, lightly twisting and tweaking them, making you jump in excitement. You pull away slightly to moan and then we go back to kissing, your hands on my chest. I move my hand down, down the side of your body, over your beautiful butt, feeling the lace of your underwear. My fingers continue down your body, exploring your legs down to your knee, before moving my hand to your inside thigh and slowly creeping back up again. You pull me closer to kiss passionately as you feel the electricity of my hand moving up your thigh running through your skin, every nerve alive with my touch. I run my fingers over the edge of your panties, running over the lace, pressing the material against your skin. I run my fingers around the edge of the top of your underwear, and I can tell that you are desperate for the teasing to stop, and yet enjoying it to much to say anything. I slide my fingers down inside of your underwear and pause, looking down at you while your eyes scream back at me with desire before running my fingers over your wetness. You moan loudly and I jump up, grabbing the edges of your underwear and pulling them down. You are now completely naked as I run my fingers over your inside thigh. I kiss you again as my fingers glide over the lips of your vagina, feeling your desire. I run them lightly over it before pausing, and then sliding a finger inside of you. You break away to moan loudly making a soft “oh” sound as if you weren’t expecting it to feel this good, looking up at me with pure desire before jumping back into passionate making out. You know that I want you so very much, but that I will drag this out so that every single second will be filled with passion and desire. I slide a second finger inside of you, and start to thrust them deeper inside of you, getting faster as you moan into my mouth. You hold yourself against me as I start to fuck you with my fingers. I rub my fingers against your clit and the pleasure shoots through you like a bolt of lightning, rising from your pussy to your head. You grip me close as I alternate between sliding my fingers inside of you and rubbing your pussy. I kiss you passionately before breaking away and kissing your nipples, sucking on your breasts. You can feel the pleasure rising through your body, and you start moaning quicker, louder, whispering “Yes, yes, please” as I thrust my fingers deep within you. As the pleasure rises I whisper in your ear all of the things I want to do to your gorgeous body. I tell you how I want to fuck you so very hard, and how I want to make you cum on my fingers. I want to drive you wild with desire. As the pleasure continues to rise you manage to get out a whisper “Please fuck me” and I thrust my fingers faster inside of you, deeper, then rubbing your pussy. You can’t take it much longer. You cry “I want you inside of me” and I rub quicker, faster, driving you over the edge as you feel the pleasure sweep through you’re entire body. Your eyes fly open and you look up at me with deep affection and crazed passion and love as the orgasm rips through your entire body. You have never felt such strong emotions before. In that pure moment, my fingers deep inside of you, making you orgasm, you look at me with pure lust, desire and love. You never want another person touching you for as long as you live. The orgasm starts to slowly subside, and you reach out for me, pulling me close. You need our bodies pressed against each other, the heat from your skin against mine.