An Afternoon Well Spent 2

We spend a second cuddling on the bed before your hands move down to claw at the button and the zip on my jeans. You rip them off and throw them to the floor, before tearing at the boxers next. You need me naked, and you need it now. My dick stands hard, erect, and you grab it in your hand and start to thrust your hand up and down. You move down and lick the tip, before moving your mouth over it and sliding your lips down over the hard shaft. Your other hands plays with my balls, and you can hear me moaning. It turns you on so much, knowing the desire you cause in me, controlling my pleasure with your mouth. I run my hand through your hair and I kiss the top of your head and then pull you away, as your whimper in disappointment. It’s not time for my pleasure yet. I lay you down on the bed again, and kiss your soft, sweet lips. Our tongues furiously playing together. I kiss down your neck, your shoulders, up and down your arms as you watch and reach out for my cock again. I kiss and lick your nipples, sucking on your beautiful breasts, my hand again running up and down your inner thigh. Then I kiss down your stomach, over your belly button as my cock slips from your reach. You can still feel it pressed against your thigh, and knowing how turned on I am by you, how beautiful I know you re, how sexy you are in this moment, and as I kiss down your hips, your breath starts to quicken. I kiss over your smoothness as I move down, and I can smell your sex, your pure desire. I kiss your inner thigh and you release a small gasp. I pause as I look at your beautiful pussy, playing with it with my fingers. I slide open your pussy lips before I lean forward and kiss your pussy lips, before sliding my tongue inside of me, and suddenly you gasp loudly as your hands go to the top of my head. I start to lick you deep inside, thrusting my tongue inside of you. You have never felt anything so wonderful, no one has explored your body in this way before. You think you may lose yourself to the pleasure already, but you manage to bring yourself back to enjoy the moment as my tongue licks over you, circling around until I find the exact moment that makes your body jump from the sheer jolt of pleasure. I start to focus on your clit, and you almost lose control of your body as I lick and suck on it, nibbling to drive you wild. Then I rub a finger against it as I thrust my tongue inside of you. You’re whimpering “please fuck me, please fuck me” as I thrust my tongue deeper inside of you, using it to explore you from inside. Just when you think you might lose it again, I pull away and the pleasure subsides. Your eyes shoot open, worried there might be something wrong. Why did I stop when you were so close. I raise up, over you, and you can feel my hard cock against your leg. You smile at me, looking up, your eyes glittering with desire, understanding why I stopped and what is about to happen. You have wanted this from the moment we walked through the door, from the moment of the first kiss. I lean forward to kiss you, and as I do the tip of my cock presses against your pussy lips. You want so desperately to slide down and engulf my cock inside of you, but you know that I will be inside you soon enough.