An Afternoon Well Spent 3

We kiss passionately, and then I move forward and my cock slides deep inside of you. You gasp loudly, your eyes wide as you look up at me, your arms and legs wrapped around me, holding me close. Our bodies entwined, knowing each other as so few know each other, our bodies connected in such a sacred and intimate manner. You never want this moment to end, or for this moment to continue to happen for years to come. You want this every day until you both shall live. I pause for a second, feeling myself inside of you, feeling the muscles of your pussy gripping me, before I start to thrust. We are two souls mixed together, connected on a deeper level as I start to thrust inside of you, my dick inside your tight pussy. The sounds coming from our mouths are the sounds of sex, indecipherable as anything but sounds of desire and pure lust, but driven by love and affection. This is no cheap fuck, not quickie in a dorm bed stolen whilst the room mates are away, this is an entire performance of love. Time means nothing. The entire afternoon, and the night that spans after it, is ours to enjoy together in this way. I grab your legs and raise them so that I can thrust deeper inside of you, and again an “Oh?” escapes you, a question that hangs over our lovemaking, as if you weren’t sure it could feel better and then suddenly it does. I start to fuck you harder and faster, and you moan louder, your breath quickening. “I love you” I whisper as I thrust deeper inside of you, and you whisper back “I love you too”, the words escaping your lips before you realise it, but you know it to be true. It’s not just my cock, or the sex, or any one single thing. We love everything about each other. It would be a sweet moment if not for the thrusting bodies, my cock deep inside of your tight pussy, the sweat sliding down my face and falling on to your writhing body.