An Afternoon Well Spent 4

My hands on your hips, pulling you closing so my cock can slide deeper inside of you. Fucking harder and faster. I move one hand over your stomach until my finger is resting against your pussy. I rub my finger until I find the perfect spot, the spot that makes you jump with pleasure again. Your face pleads with me, saying you can’t take much more of this, but I continue, rubbing my finger against your clit as I thrust inside of you, over and over again. Your eyes look deep into mine as you feel the pleasure rising again, spreading out from between your legs to the rest of your body, until even the tips of your fingers scream out in pleasure.

You cry “I”m going to cum” which makes me thrust faster. “Keep going, please” you beg, as if I would ever stop fucking you now. “Yes, yes, yes” you chant, unable to stop, and every word you make, every moan you utter, makes my desire rise. I love being inside of you, making you feel this wonderful.

“I’m coming” you shout before you start making guttural noises as the pleasure flows through your body. You can feel my dick deep inside of you, your pussy gripping on to it as if to stop it from pulling out, you need me to stay where I am so you can feel the pleasure spread through your entire body. Your arms are holding on to me tightly, pulling me close. You mind is filled with nothing but pleasure and the sensual feeling of our bodies pressed together, and my cock deep inside of you. You wish this moment would stretch out forever and never end.