An Afternoon Well Spent 5

As your pleasure subsides I start to thrust again. The pleasure and feeling is so very sensitive, and you don’t know if you can handle it, but you need me to cum as well. You want to give me the same pleasure I have given to you. It doesn’t take too longer before I whisper “I’m going to come” and you look up at me with a smile. After losing yourself to the pleasure of the night, you are now back in control. “Yes, please come. Please come for me baby” you say with a sultry smile. This moment is yours.

I pull out of your pussy and grab my dick with my hand. Towering over you, I play with myself as you coax me on, begging me to cum for you, to show my desire for you. I grunt and lose myself, and you offer encouragement as my cum shoots out, over your stomach, and over your breasts. You can feel the warmness of my cum against your skin as our eyes meet and we both smile before breaking into laughter.

After the fact, the act seems so funny. The result is ridiculous – me with my cock in my hand, and you with all of my sticky cum on your body, steadily cooling.

“Well” you say.

“Well” I return. “We should probably clean up.”

“That would be good” you say, and we laugh again. Our minds have returned down, cooled from the intense desire of the previous hours. I grab a bunch of tissues and clean myself off as you lay there, watching me, before I grab fresh tissues and lovingly clean you off. When we are both sufficiently cum free, I throw the tissues into the nearby waste basket before falling back on to the bed, wrapping my arms around each other. The light of the day has turned to dusk by now, and we lay there, lighting kissing in the dying daylight. You play with the greying hairs on my chest as I fall asleep, waking me up by pulling the hairs out as I awake with an exclamation as you giggle to yourself.

Eventually we fall asleep in each others arms, naked.