Dirty Old Man

This week, I have met one of the creepiest human beings I have ever met before.

He’s apparently helping out with the site. Last night at after work drinks, he notices someone he knows, a young woman, probably early 20’s, out with her friends. So he goes over to say hello. Then later he goes over to offer to buy them drinks. Then later he goes and harasses them again on his way out to find a strip club, after trying to convince the rest of us to join him at a strip club.

Did a mention this guy is in his 50’s?

Then today, he’s decided to join us on the trip to see the country. And he starts going on about political correctness, and how he saw two Muslim women crying because Donald Trump had tweeted that he wouldn’t let Muslims into the US. And his answer? That these women should toughen up. A well off, middle aged, white straight male doesn’t understand how someone could be offended by being targeted by the leader of the US.

He then goes on a rant about how “You shouldn’t judge actions years ago by today’s standards” because apparently in the 70’s, he remembers “office Christmas parties where you’d get the office girls drunk and screw them in the break room while their husbands were at home” because “it was just the done thing back then”.

This guy has been married, and has kids. This guy. I will never get married, I will never find someone who loves me, I get fucking cheated on by every fucking girl I’ve ever goddamn been with, and this fucking piece of shit has been married. Has convinced someone that he’s a good person and that they should spend their life with him, at least for a while.

A man who not only understands how terrible his words and supposed actions were, but believes that because he’s alright and doesn’t experience discrimination that anyone who does should just ignore it. Using this man’s logic, women wouldn’t be able to vote and we would still have segregation.

He then casually drops how he’d really love to go to Thailand. A place well documented for terrible sex trafficking and dirty old men going there to sleep with prostitutes.

If I never see this man ever again in my life, it will have been too many times already.

I fucking give up. I don’t even know why I try to be a good person.

How the fuck has this creep not had someone report him for sexual harassment?

Oh look, a notification that someone is looking at my profile on a dating website. I better race over so I can watch in real time as they drop off my Who I Like page because they’re seen that I’m fat!

I am screaming into the void that is my life. I’m not sure how much longer I can scream before I lose my voice.

*UPDATE* This guy has an office at the head office building here in the country I’m in. But he also goes out to sites. However, I now have to have lunch with him every day. I assume it’s because the local guy doesn’t want to have lunch with him alone. This creepy guy will just talk about whatever he wants, and if you try to either join in the conversation, or start a new conversation – it doesn’t matter. He will just steamroll over the conversation to talk about what he wants to, whether it’s a different topic or, usually, the same topic. Sometimes I just don’t understand the human race.