Stand Up Comedy

First performance at graduation show for Fiona McGary’s Stand Up Comedy Course. Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington. 26/04/2016

My Queensland Heat at RAW Comedy 2018. Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington. Heat 1, Feb 8th, 2018.

Live Shows

Dungeons & Dragon: OneShot Live! (presented by DICE Entertainment)

recorded Sat, Sept 29th 2018 at Metro Arts (Download)

The Infinite Nerd plays…

Half-Life (unfinished)

Part 1: Just an ordinary day at work

Part 2: It was like that when I got here

Part 3: I am terrible at this game

Part 4: Try, Try Again, Try Againier

Part 5: Killed by a filing cabinet


Bedlam (unfinished)

Part 1: The game based on the book based on Doom?

Part 2: Lawnmower Man?

Part 3: Git Gud


Game of Thrones (2012)(unfinished)

Part 1: Where to put my points

Part 2: Another cut scene?


Dreaming Sarah (unfinished)

Part 1: Don’t leave your cap in the eye room

Part 2: Underground


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