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D4WH 97: Daleks In Manhattan D4WH – A Doctor Who podcast

Nicchia and Adam are back together by themselves in the new podcast headquarters, so they discuss Daleks in Manhattan!   How many microchips are we getting injected? Who makes the clothing for the Dalek slaves? Which musical is the doctor into?   Download the latest episode of #D4WH to find out!   Support us on Patreon for early normal episodes and extra mini episodes! https://bit.ly/d4whpat
  1. D4WH 97: Daleks In Manhattan
  2. D4WH 96: Genetics of the Daleks
  3. D4WH 95: Gridlock with Ashwin Segkar & Andrew Dawson
  4. D4WH 94: The Shakespeare Code with Kath Marvelley
  5. D4WH 93: Time Lord Victorious (November 2020)