D4WH 49: Fandom Stories


Remember way back near the start, where we were asking for people’s craziest/funniest/silliest fandom stories? Well, Chris Martin remembers, and thankfully he reminded Nicchia and Adam as well!

We’ve put together those stories of previous guests as they tell us about their fandoms – from football to music to horror and even some Doctor Who! Featuring previous guests Andrew Dawson, MJ Wong, Ashwin Segkar, Scott Driscoll, Richie Goodacre, Matt Ford, Calvin Stevens, David Toleman, Chris Martin, Scott Black, Dan Dennis, Philip Cannon, and our very own trusty BekTech!

Is smoking a fandom now? Which 90’s heavy metal rocker does one of our guests tell a heartwarming story about? Who pretends to be the 10th Doctor whilst searching a park?

Download the newest episode of #D4WH to find out!

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