D4WH 99: Improvised Doctor Who Live from Brisbane Improv Festival 2020


Recorded live at the Big Fork Brisbane Improv Festival 2021, it’s D4WH presents Improvised Doctor Who! Featuring some of Brisbane best improvisers, all previous guests of the show, as they create a brand new episode of Doctor Who based on the suggestions of The Awkward Charmer himself, Chris Martin!


Adam O’Sullivan

Brad Daniels

Calvin Stevens

Claire Reilly

Olivia Windsor

Scott Driscoll

with special guest Chris Martin

Who is Chris Martin’s favourite historical figure? What’s the worst thing The Doctor and their companion have seen on their travels? What’s the Doctor’s favourite number? 

Find out in this completely improvised episode of #D4WH!

Support us on Patreon for early normal episodes and extra mini episodes! https://bit.ly/d4whpat


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