D4WH 85: 2 Year Anniversary Quiz!


It’s our second year anniversary! For the past 2 years, Adam, Nicchia and BekTech have been bringing you silly Doctor Who content, and it’s time to celebrate! Adam runs a Doctor Who themed quiz with Nicchia and BekTech going up against two of our Patreon subscribers, Being Tim and Ezzamon!

Play along at home! Pause after Adam asks the questions and see if you can answer – let us know in the comments how you do!

Are the questions too difficult? Are there too many classic questions? Who wins?

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Thank you so much to our two Patreon subscribers who offered to take part in this quiz!

D4WH 83a: Binge Minute Doomsday special mini episode with Taylor Edwards


We recorded a special Doomsday Binge Minute special to celebrate the podcast hosted by Taylor Edwards and Chris Martin! Taylor joins us once again, as we watch the first minute of the “How It Should Have Ended” Doomsday parody video.
What funny stories do we tell? What are our predictions? Who gets the closest?
Find out in a special Binge Minute mini episode of #D4WH!
Follow along with us by watching HISHE’s Doomsday video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfK8y7KVADo
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If you liked the idea of reviewing movies one minute at a time, search for “Binge Minute” wherever you get your pods, or head over to https://bingeminute.podbean.com/, to catch friends of the show Taylor Edwards and Chris Martin hilariously doing just that. You can catch all of Series 1 – Moon (2009), and they’ve just started Series 2 – reviewing the 2019 movie “Ready Or Not”!

D4WH 83: Doomsday with Taylor Edwards


This week, Adam and Nicchia are joined by improviser, comedian, and one of the hosts of the Binge Minute podcast, Taylor Edwards! Taylor asks the hard questions as we hurtle towards Doomsday!
What other information would a mind scan provide you? What’s the best use for a Dalek on a date? How do we end up in a deep dive of an early 2010’s English screamo band?
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Search for “Binge Minute” wherever you get your pods, or head over to https://bingeminute.podbean.com/ , to catch friends of the show Taylor Edwards and Chris Martin reviewing Moon – one minute at a time. Series 2 starts on Monday, October 12th, and they’ll be reviewing “Ready Or Not”!
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D4WH 81: Fear Her with Cameron Watson


Adam and Nicchia are joined by first time guest Cameron Watson to look 6 years into the future and 8 years into the past, with the London 2012 themed episode, Fear Her!
What’s Adam’s modern imagining of a classic folk song? What’s illegal to sell in California that you can find in most Australian supermarkets? Where does Nicchia think is the perfect place for a garage?
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D4WH 80: Love and Monsters with Rebecca Renton


Forget everything happening in the world today and be transported back to a more peaceful time. That time is December 2019, when Nicchia and Adam were joined by Rebecca Renton to discuss Love and Monsters. Before Series 12, before global pandemics, before we learnt how to record over Zoom.

Who is the fighter of The Whooby Gang? What wacky sitcom idea do we come up with? Is it really the worst epsiode of Doctor Who?

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D4WH 79: The Satan Pit


As we slowly get back into recording, Adam and Nicchia are joined again by our trusty BekTech to look deep within The Satan Pit!
What fast food is the leading choice of conspiracy theorists (according to our conspiracy theory)? Who’s Frank the Ood? Would you stay or would you go?
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D4WH 78: The Impossible Planet


Nicchia and Adam are back in the same room again to record a brand new episode, and they’re heading way back to try and finish off Series 2! They pick up where they left off before the excitement of Series 12 by jumping back in to look at The Impossible Planet.

What’s it like being an unnamed security guard? What’s the biology of an Ood? What are some word pronunciations that you don’t like to hear? (it makes sense once you listen to the episode)

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D4WH 77: The Hand of Fear with Beck Buckingham


The D4WH Whooby Gang are joined by Beck Buckingham to discuss the 4th Doctor episode The Hand of Fear, which also sees the departure of companion Sarah Jane Smith.

What’s the reaction of Beck’s daughter? What’s up with the font in the power station? Does Eldrad’s plan make any sense?

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This episode can also be watched on our FB page and on YouTube: https://youtu.be/0tfdKoQ6eW4

D4WH 76: Doctor Who Lockdown


With the tail end of the worldwide pandemic finally within site in Australia and starting to die down in other parts of the world, the Whooby gang join together for a Zoom call to discuss the Doctor Who Lockdown movement, and the fun extras that have been released!
Is anyone watching live? What is our favourite Lockdown extras? What episode was recorded early and has yet to come out?
Download the latest episode of #D4WH to find out!
Please note: This is the audio version of the livestream episode we did on the FB page. You can also watch the video there or on YouTube (https://youtu.be/o155XSVEcjI). This also means that the audio is not up to our normal standards, as we recorded using the in built microphones in our devices.

D4WH 75: The Timeless Children with Brad Daniels


Nicchia and Adam are joined one again by Brad Daniels, The Miscreant, to discuss all things relating to The Timeless Children.
What would Adam do with a shrink ray? How do Cyber Masters get through doorways? How many times has Doctor Who been ‘ruined’?
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Edited by our trusty BekTech!