D4WH 53: 1 year anniversary special!


It’s our 1 year anniversary special!
Nicchia, Adam and BekTech would like to thank you for listening this past year, whether it’s a single episode or every single one.
We have something very special – with the help of our hilarious friends Scott Driscoll and Scott Black, we have packed this episode with celebrities and wacky characters to help us celebrate.
This episode is a bit light on the Doctor Who, so if you’ve never listened to an episode of D5WH, or you’re having trouble getting your friends hooked, this might be the best place to start!
We’ll also be reminiscing about some of our favourite moments of the past year.
So come and join us… wait, is that someone at the door?

What is BekTech’s origin story? Who are all these crazy characters that come to visit? What are our favourite parts about each other?

Download the newest episode of #D4WH to find out!

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