D4WH 58: The Girl In The Fireplace with Rebekah Wolfenden


This week, Adam and Nicchia treat their trusty BekTech, by letting her be the guest for her favourite Doctor Who episode – The Girl In The Fireplace. Now we won’t have to get her anything for her birthday!

What does BekTech’s brother think of the podcast? What do monsters have nightmares about? How do the clockwork droids navigate?

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D4WH 56: Series 12 First Trailer


In case you’ve been living without technology for the past week (how are you reading this then?), the new Doctor Who Series 12 trailer was released! We’re so excited that we dropped what we were editing to discuss it! Join Adam, Nicchia and BekTech as we look at the trailer, confirmed aliens, potential rumours and much more!

How many times does Adam say “there’s a rumour” or “they say online”? What Doctor Who alien is the sequel to Karma Chameleon? How do we turn a 1 minute trailer into almost an hour of discussion?

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This is our first interstate recording, so the audio can be a bit choppy (especially in the last 10 mins) as we explore different recording options.

D4WH 55: Tooth and Claw with Scott Black


There’s no full moon tonight, so it’s perfectly safe for Nicchia and Adam to discuss “Tooth and Claw” with Scott Black!

Where does Rose get changed in the TARDIS? Which Batman character is Nicchia’s favourite? Are we (not) amused?

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This episode edited by our trusty BekTech!

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D4WH 54: New Earth with Scott Driscoll


Adam and Nicchia are joined by Scott Driscoll to start on the 2006 second season with New Earth!

Which characters sound like an 80’s hair metal band? Does the episode need a werewolf? Which “90’s” (actually 2000’s) deep cut impression does Adam bring back?

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This episode is the first edited by Nicchia – so be gentle!

D4WH 53: 1 year anniversary special!


It’s our 1 year anniversary special!
Nicchia, Adam and BekTech would like to thank you for listening this past year, whether it’s a single episode or every single one.
We have something very special – with the help of our hilarious friends Scott Driscoll and Scott Black, we have packed this episode with celebrities and wacky characters to help us celebrate.
This episode is a bit light on the Doctor Who, so if you’ve never listened to an episode of D5WH, or you’re having trouble getting your friends hooked, this might be the best place to start!
We’ll also be reminiscing about some of our favourite moments of the past year.
So come and join us… wait, is that someone at the door?

What is BekTech’s origin story? Who are all these crazy characters that come to visit? What are our favourite parts about each other?

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D4WH 52: Robot


It’s a trip back to the swinging 70’s, and Nicchia and Adam (and BekTech) are looking at Tom Baker’s first full turn as the 4th Doctor in Robot!

What causes a discussion of Charlie Chaplin? What’s the transition between K1 to K9? What would a Doctor Who gardening show sound like?

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This episode was edited by our trusty BekTech!

D4WH 45: The Doctor Dances with Jemma Bayley & Kira Jade


What’s up, Whoovers and Shakers? Nicchia and Adam are once again joined by Kira Jade and Jemma Bayley to look at how well The Doctor Dances!

What would Kira use a full sized Dalek to display? Which wartime ‘crime’ does Jemma think is a lovely sounding word? Why is there all this Star Trek talk on our Doctor Who podcast?

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D4WH 44: The Empty Child with Kira Jade & Jemma Bayley


Bris Funny Fest is over for another year, so we’re back looking at the 2005 season. This week, Jemma Bayley and Kira Jade join us to talk about The Empty Child!

What would our Jane Austen podcast sound like? Who comes up with “Whoover and Shaker”? Are you my mummy?

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D4WH 41: Adults Only Episode Number 2


Whilst Adam, Nicchia and BekTech prepare for their first live episode, let’s put another filler, sorry, Adults Only episode! Filled with all the bits that made us blush because they were too rude for our regular episodes. It’s Doctor Who comedy… for adults!
Featuring Jimmy Reilly, Claudia Bergs, Jenny Wynter, Beck Buckingham and Andrew Dawson.