D4WH 69: Fugitive of the Judoon with Claudia Bergs


This week Adam and Nicchia are joined by Claudia Bergs to discuss Fugitive of the Judoon! We booked Claudia (a non-Whovian) weeks before the episode aired when it seemed like a nice, simple stand-alone episode with a returning enemy! Then we found out it was the biggest Whovian episode of Series 12, but we brought her in anyway! There will be a lot of squee-ing, but Claudia also gives us a glimpse of a non-Whovians view of this episode’s revelations!

What part of the episode most inspired Claudia? What does Adam do with his MAN card and how does Nicchia win an argument? What millennial term does BekTech teach to the group?

Download the latest episode of #D4WH to find out!

Support us on Patreon! Not only will you get episodes 2 weeks early, sometimes they’ll have some extra rude bits in them (we cut 3 mins from this episode!)


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