D4WH 93: Time Lord Victorious (November 2020)


Nicchia and Adam delve deeper into the November 2020 releases for Time Lord Victorious, the multi-platform, multi-Doctor story!

What are our innovations for GPS technology? What’s the mobbly-dobbly-wobomb? What would a Dalek dinner party sound like?

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Covering and spoilers for:
“The Enemy of My Enemy” from Big Finish
“Monstrous Beauty #3” from DWM 558
Daleks!, episodes 1-3
“What the TARDIS thought of ‘Time Lord Victorious'”

D4WH 86: The Runaway Bride with Jim Reynolds


It’s almost Christmas, so it’s time to pop on Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everybody”! Even if you’re not a fan of Christmas, you can join us at Donna’s reception as Adam and Nicchia are joined by new guest, improviser Jim Reynolds to catch “The Runaway Bride”!
How many Julia Roberts movies do we mix up? What is Lance’s relationship with the Racnoss? How often is this episode like Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery?
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D4WH 82: Army of Ghosts with Glenn Stephens


Who ya gonna call? The Whooby Gang! Nicchia and Adam are joined once again by The Polymath, Glenn Stephens!

Things get a little tense as we go a bit philosophical talking about Army of Ghosts… and F Troop?!

Can YOU name 5 Tom Cruise movies from the 80’s? What other company shares a building with The Torchwood Institute? Which Doctor Who monster is like The Smurfs?

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D4WH 73: The Haunting of Villa Diodati with Aaron Pratt


With all the horror going on in the world outside, it’s time to dive into the beginnings of one of the greatest horror stories ever written – Frankenstein! Adam and Nicchia welcome new guest Aaron Pratt to discuss The Haunting of Villa Diodati and all sorts of things that go bump in the night.
How many duels do we get into? What is Nicchia’s idea of a bad afternoon? Does an iPhone know it’s at 3%?
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D4WH 69: Fugitive of the Judoon with Claudia Bergs


This week Adam and Nicchia are joined by Claudia Bergs to discuss Fugitive of the Judoon! We booked Claudia (a non-Whovian) weeks before the episode aired when it seemed like a nice, simple stand-alone episode with a returning enemy! Then we found out it was the biggest Whovian episode of Series 12, but we brought her in anyway! There will be a lot of squee-ing, but Claudia also gives us a glimpse of a non-Whovians view of this episode’s revelations!

What part of the episode most inspired Claudia? What does Adam do with his MAN card and how does Nicchia win an argument? What millennial term does BekTech teach to the group?

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D4WH 59: Series 12 Release Trailer


We managed to turn a 1 minute trailer into discussion, jokes and wild speculation, so we decided to do it all over again with the Series 12 Release Date trailer (and it only took 2 recordings!). Join Nicchia and Adam as they look at the new footage that has been released by the BBC, including Series 12 previews!

How many times does Nicchia say “I don’t know”? How looks after Health & Safety in a nudist colony? Can we wait?

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D4WH 57: School Reunion with Rebecca Renton


This week, Nicchia and Adam are joined by Rebecca Renton to look at an episode featuring Sarah Jane Smith and K9. Is it a classic series episode? No, it’s 2006’s School Reunion!

What are Adam’s hypothetical kids going to be like? Why is Rose a dinner lady? Who are the Glonglos and Agadoriness?

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D4WH 51: The Christmas Invasion with Mark Grimes and Matt Ford


It’s only 9 weeks until Christmas, so it’s time to unwrap your Christmas present early! Adam and Nicchia look at a new era of Who with David Tennant’s first full episode – The Christmas Invasion! They’re joined by known fellow Tennant fanboy Matt Ford, and new-back-to-Who Scotsman Mark Grimes!

Which Doctor do we think would win on a game show? Who do we consider the royal family of Australia? Which celebrities would we use to take down an alien invasion?

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D4WH 48: The Parting Of The Ways with Ashwin Segkar & Taylor Edwards


It’s the end of an era, the end of Season 1 (2005) and the start of a new Doctor (14 year spoiler alert!) – Adam and Nicchia are once again joined by The Passive Aggression (Ashwin Segkar) and The Weirdo (Taylor Edwards) to look at The Parting Of The Ways.

What would a Dalek religion look like? How many times does Adam interrupt with dodgy singing? How do we rate kissing?

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This episode was edited by our trusty BekTech

D4WH 47 Bad Wolf with Taylor Edwards and Ashwin Segkar


We’re in the final stretch of the 2005 Season 1, and Nicchia and Adam welcome newcomer Taylor Edwards and returning guest Ashwin Segkar to talk about the penultimate episode, Bad Wolf!

What is side-butt and where can I find it? What reality TV shows would we end up on? What is office life like in the Game Station?

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