Episode 7: Kerblam!


Worried about retribution from massive online retailer Amaz… sorry, Kerblam, hosts Adam O’Sullivan and Nicchia Schutt are sans-guest as they look at Kerblam!

Is this a good mystery, and does the final plan make any sense? What is Checkov’s conveyor? Which host isn’t a fan of Twirly, and who is waiting for the plushy?

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Episode 6: Demons Of The Punjab featuring Marc Buckingham


In our latest episode, your hosts Nicchia Schutt and Adam O’Sullivan are joined by improviser Marc Buckingham to discuss “Demons Of The Punjab”, episode 6 of season 11.

Which member of the group visited a rich exentric’s Doctor Who collection? Which actor do the group think are “one of the worst this season”? And who’s that mysterious man who visits Nicchia? Listen to find out all this and more!


Episode 5: The Tsuranga Conundrum featuring Colin Smith


The Nerd & The Commander are joined by actor Colin Smith to discuss The Tsuranga Conundrum – one of the most divisive Doctor Who episodes ever! Will the group figure out the mating ritual of the Pting, like some sort of space Attenborough? Which member is most interested in the “rain-bathing” adventure we never get to see?

Listen in to find out all this and more!